Web Video Production

Google & AOL research shows 75% of respondents reported watching more video online than they did a year ago, and over half expect to watch more online video in the next year!

This is a growing trend with huge potential to drive large amounts of traffic for FREE if you know how!

YouTube is the No.1 video site:

  •  Almost 5 Billion videos are watched every single day.
  • Is now the world’s 2nd most visited website after Google.
  • You can navigate YouTube in 76 different languages.
  • 40 minutes – the average number of minutes people spend on the site each day on a mobile.
  • 300 hrs of video uploaded every minute.
  • 30 Million visitors every day.

And it was only founded in 2005!

More and more corporate money is being invested into video creation and production.

Why? – Simply because they recognize that video is one of the biggest growing trends on the internet and has HUGE potential to return large profits!

Q. How can you use Video to grow your business or promote your product?

  • List building – spread the word about your business by directing people back to your website / squeeze page to build your list for FREE.
  • Selling Products/ Services – review your own products and show customers how they work, review affiliate products / other peoples products, create a useful video for your market / niche and direct the traffic back through your affiliate link / website.
  • Driving FREE Traffic – Youtube is the third most visited site in the World! Thousands of people visit YouTube every day and watch hundreds of hours of video. Take advantage of this by driving traffic back to your website!
  • Site Awareness – Videos allow you to quickly and easily establish yourself as an expert within your field and spread the word about your product or service.
  • SEO – Videos can rank highly on Google with thumbnail pictures which get higher click-through rates than the normal listing! You can get No.1 rankings with Google and even dominate a whole page of listings taking all the traffic!
  • Brand Awareness – gone are the days of spending hundreds of thousands establishing brand awareness, companies are now turning to social media sites and video sites to do this!

Common Video Myths Exposed …

  1. ” I need to be an expert” – Video marketing allows you to establish yourself or your company as an expert in your field in a short space on time!
  2. ” I need to look good on camera” – Customers relate to people when there is a personal touch in the video. Video is a great way to grab the customers attention and build up your credibility and can help sell your service or product much more than a professional actor! Plus you don’t have to get behind the camera if you don’t want to!
  3. ” I need to be a technical wiz” – Advances in cameras and software mean it has never been easier to record a video at home and share it across video sites like YouTube within a few hours.
  4. “My Niche or Topic Doesn’t Lend Itself To Video” – Every niche lends itself to a video, whether you are promoting a product or service or are simply providing the top 10 tips for your market!

Q. How can we help you with video creation and promotion?

We have a team of video creation and submission as well as video promotion experts that specialize in developing promotional videos for businesses or more specifically for product or services.

Our team will develop videos within your market / niche and add your URL to each video to drive traffic back to your website. We will also create the description for each video, ensure that your video is optimized for the search engines and submit it to all the top video sites.